Tired of hearing about all the Bay Trail news? Intel’s current generation Atom platform has been a certified hit with tablet makers that produced Windows powered devices. But a refresh is due this year.

The chip giant is, as of this writing, busy working on the next Atom chip, named Cherry Trail.

And since this processing platform is expected to power a number of devices that will hit the market by the end of 2014, we should have more detailed information about what it brings in the second part of the year — somewhere around the annual Computex trade show.

But some early pointers reveal that the Cherry Trail chips are going to be produced using a 14nm manufacturing process, which should provide a nice performance boost compared to the 22nm node employed for the Bay Trail line of processors.

We should also see some notable improvements in battery life — so if you are pleasantly delighted by the long usage hours the Bay Trail tablets allow, then wait till you check out the Cherry Trail numbers.

There are also voices that Intel may end up put up Bay Trail in really affordable devices, and reserve Cherry Trail for the standard ones, but a move like this only happen by the time this year’s holiday shopping season comes around.

One important point worth a mention here is that Intel has embraced a much faster release cycle for upgrades to its mobile chips. The company wants to gain traction in the mobile industry, and seems to have made its mobile processors a priority.

Qualcomm and other ARM partners are really piling on the pressure, even if they are on a 28nm node.

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  1. Baytrail based Windows tablets are fantastic already. With the added efficiency Cherrytrail promises, I suspect OEMs will opt for smaller batteries to accommodate thinner tablets and lower prices. I’ll be watching to see if Intel kills the i3 and positions Cherrytrail as its replacement.

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