Intel CEO says Windows 8 is being shipped before it’s ready

Showing that he didn’t learn ANYTHING from Mitt Romney’s mistakes, the CEO of Intel has made a big boo boo.

He reportedly told employees in Taiwan that Microsoft is shipping Windows 8 before it’s ready.

The plan he insinuated, is for Microsoft to release the software and then perfect it later.

The slip is particularly shocking because Intel can be considered one of Microsoft’s closest allies and partners. The timing of the slip is also unfortunate considering the Operating System is scheduled to hit stores worldwide on October 26th.

The allegations themselves are not new. Some have speculated that although Windows 8 is at it’s core OK, the operating system lacks a wide range of robust applications and PC makers haven’t had enough time to work out kinks with drivers, which connect software to hardware such as printers.

Some have also speculated that it might be an intentional jab at Microsoft because of Microsoft’s deepening relationship and reliance on ARM.

I think it’s simple.

I think the guy just said something stupid that he believes and PC makers may feel they don’t have enough time.

Either way, the Windows 8 train continues to chug.

October 26th cometh.