Intel CEO talks up Windows 8 on Ultrabooks

Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini talked up the prospects of Windows 8 on Intel chips on Friday but claimed the evolution of the PC has been “retarded” over the last few years.

Speaking at Dell World 2011, Otellini told an audience of industry executives that Intel loves PCs.

Intel’s work on Ultrabooks has been geared towards Windows 8 admitted Otellini.”Windows 8 and its early development was something we were working with them very closely on,” he said.

“We think that Windows 8 on Intel architecture, particularly in Ultrabook form factors, will give you the ultimate experience for both consumer and IT workers.”

Otellini praised Microsoft for its work on Windows 8, claiming that one of the advantages of the new operating system is that the same software and legacy capabilities will work on PCs and tablets.

Otellini advised the audience to consider Intel for Windows 8. “It’s important to consider, when you think about Windows 8, Intel architecture or let me make it broader, the X86 architecture.”

His reasoning for adopting Intel with Windows 8? “Those [legacy] applications are only going to run in a legacy mode on x86 machines.”

Microsoft also wants to shift ARM forwards to be Metro only and avoid some of the pitfalls of the x86 experience of Windows, viruses and malware.

Sinofsky explained the decision to push Metro on ARM to media and analysts. “We haven’t made any product announcements,” said Sinofsky, referring to Microsoft’s desktop app demo of Office 2010 on Windows 8 ARM in January.

“The previous demonstrations were always technology demonstrations of the underlying architecture,” he said.

“All of the apps for ARM are going to come through the store which means they’re all going to be metro style.”


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