Do you like your coffee quick? Because that’s what Intel seems to be preparing, some fast turbo speeds for the upcoming Coffee Lake CPUs, which are all set to debut next month.

Gamescom, be a good guesstimate.

And although we have no official confirmation from the chip giant yet, various reputable sources have detailed these 14nm processors via a number of leaks. Apparently, Intel is readying four new chips — two of them of the Core i7 variety, while two Core i5 variants.

The buzz among the bees is that the Coffee Lake lineup will initially consist of these four CPUs:

  • Core i5-8400
  • Core i5-8600K
  • Core i7-8700
  • Core i7-8700K

The two most notable features with these chips are the upped core counts, as well as the highest frequencies ever seen on an Intel processor.

For example, the Core i3 variant of these Coffee Lake chips will be using quad-core multithreaded designs, while the Pentium series will feature quad-core non-multithreaded architecture. That to go with six cores in the Core i5 and Core i7 CPUs listed above, and you are cooking with gas!

In terms of clock speeds, you can expect high base clocks, and even higher boost frequencies, up to the dizzying levels of 4.6 GHz for single core and 4.5 GHz for dual-core usage on the locked Core i7 chip.

Basically, Intel is looking to boost the performance on all tier chips, including the budget ones.

And you can thank AMD for this, first and foremost, with their Ryzen line of processors that have brought notable levels of performance at impressive prices. It’s amazing to think what a little competition can bring out of companies these days.

Expect to hear more on these Intel Coffee Lake processors in the coming weeks.

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  • polysix

    8700k will be my next CPU (replacing 2700k sandy bridge which has lasted far longer than I could have hoped).

    Threadripper? perhaps… but in real world usage for 90% of my needs I’ll take higher speeds and solid perf over more cores that won’t get used by most things.

    • Fahad Ali

      Yeah, same. 8700K looks to be the one for me too early next year.

      While I have a lot of respect with how AMD has earned its comeback, most notably on the CPU front, Intel still dominates in certain tasks. Besides, while I do content creation work, it’s not exactly that intensive that I will benefit from Threadripper.

      Just hope that AMD manages to keep the heat on. We could be in for some good times in the near future.

    • Yayman12312

      The better AMD does here, better things are for us, the consumers. I’m just glad Intel finally won’t have such a massive monopoly on the market. Glad a place like this is relatively light on fanboys, which end up hurting consumers.