Intel is rightfully called the leading maker of computer chips. The company is far ahead of the competition in technology, and is gearing up to unleash processors based on 14nm manufacturing node.

Other companies are still a couple of generations behind.

The Broadwell architecture is set to bring some new innovation in the form of Core M line of processors, which sits smack in the middle of the main Core range (of i3, i5 and i7) and the Atom based products. Their performance is expected to be middle of the road too.

But since these are designed for tablets, they are going to make way for thin, sleek and powerful slates, the prototypes of which blew people away at Computex 2014 not too long ago.

On potential, these could change the Windows tablet scene.

And now we have some solid details about this upcoming lineup that is to be based on three distinct versions, including the Core M 5Y70, Core M 5Y10a and Core M 5Y10.


If the nomenclature seems rather odd and confusing, then it is, because word is that this is not the final naming scheme Intel might go with. There is a chance that we will see these chips arrive on the market sporting some other names.

Anyway, the most amazing thing here is that these chips will normally run at very low frequencies, in order to conserve power and battery life, of course.

But when the going gets tough, and the need arises, the Turbo Boost will practically double up the speed and then some. From the lows of 800 MHz to the highs of 2 GHz. In fact, one chip, the Core M 5Y70 amps it up from 1.1 GHz to 2.6 GHz, with support for four threads.

Back at the event, Intel teased the Llama Mountain 2-in-1 device in 12.5-inch and 10-inch flavors, but ASUS has already reportedly taken up this reference design.

The company is preparing the Transformer Book Chi T300 as one of the first consumer Core M products, which is scheduled to hit store shelves in time for the holiday season. The Windows tablet landscape could really be in for some interesting times ahead.

And by that token, the modern versions of Windows too. Can’t wait.

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