The first batch of Intel Core M notebooks is on track for release this holiday season, though most of the new such machines will only arrive early next year.

Just ahead of the regular Broadwell powered products.

These too are powered by the new Broadwell architecture, though Intel has gone for the maximum processing prowess possible in a power optimized package, meaning we can expect plenty of fanless tablets and ultrabooks, all running the latest version of Windows.

At some remarkable price points too.

This pricing manifest shows the pricing scheme Intel and partners will follow when they start selling these new devices, and it makes for god reading.

Traditional entry level notebooks without touch capabilities are expected to retail for $199 to $599, and this is for 10.1-inch to 17.3-inch form factors. Expect plenty of value and a lot of product announcements in this important category.

Hybrid 2-in-1 devices are all the rage at the moment, and Intel Core M powered ones are set to become available between $349 and $999.

High performance notebooks, though, will cost as much as $1,500, however, which very much puts them closer to the solutions powered by regular Intel mobile processors. However, with the obvious advantage of lower power requirements and negligible heat.

It is being reported that both Lenovo and ASUS have been quick to adopt Broadwell Y based Core M chips from Intel, and have begun mass production and shipment since September.

Bring them on!

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