Innovation is not always the word one may associate with the Intel of late, at least not in substantial capacity, but boy, when the chip giant sets it mind on something, does it deliver or what.

The company has been struggling, it can be said, to make a mark in the mobile domain.

But while it may not have managed to steal market share away from ARM, it has other ways of cracking the egg. Word is that Intel, in partnership with an unnamed provider of voice technology, has created an impressive new virtual assistant technology for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Sure, Apple already has Siri, and it alongside Google Now is improving all the time. Microsoft is also hard at work at its very own answer, the rumored Cortana voice assistant.

However, what Intel has created is magic, in some sense — it works locally on the chip of a device, instead of connecting to a cloud server. The dedicated mobile processor actually does all the work for Intel’s new technology.

In fact, the report states that the virtual assistant is even more responsive than the competition. Users will not have to wait two or three seconds to get an answer or complete a task.

Intel also plans to incorporate this technology into consumer electronics in the future.

Now, while everything looks neat on paper, it remains to be seen if the lack of Internet connectivity or the extra processing prowess of the cloud impacts the usefulness of what Intel has created. Hopefully we get to find out soon.

In any case, something like this could actually be included as a matching equivalent on smartphones of the future, alongside the likes of Corona, Siri, or Google Now.

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