Intel Executive Hopes To See Core CPUs Powering $399 Devices

Intel Executive Hopes To See Core CPUs Powering $399 Devices

Digital technology is a very interesting ballgame. With an ample dose of innovation and hard work, one can even pull the rug off of the feet of technology titans and the biggest of players.

Take Intel for example — just a few years back it had the field all to itself.

But the rise of ARM (along with its manufacturers like Qualcomm) has completely changed the rules of the game, and has left Intel scrambling to make a push into smartphones and tablets after seeing declining shipments and sales of traditional PCs.

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini already hinted at $200 devices (later revealed to be Android notebooks, actually), and now the company’s chief product officer, Dadi Pelmutter revealed to CNET that the company would like to see its Core CPUs powering devices in the $399 to $499 range.

That’s Surface RT territory, as you may have guessed.

Intel hopes to see its upcoming Core (Haswell) and Atom (Bay Trail) platforms put to good use in these cases, as both upcoming platforms are said to bring remarkable power savings, with increased performance factors.

The chip titan is also said to be bundling multi-mode LTE radios into its processors by 2014, with a data-only multi-mode LTE chip said to launch by the middle of the year.

Ultimately, however, Pelmutter believes that the availability of cheap Windows 8 tablets depends on what price points Microsoft makes its operating system (Windows 8.1, most probably) available to hardware makers. If Microsoft can offer Windows 8.1 at a reduced price point, sales will follow.

With AMD dropping out of the performance battle, Intel faces almost no competition on the desktop front. But the mobile arena is where Chipzilla will get that sinking feeling of an underdog, what with ARM running riot. It is this intense competition that is bringing out this fresh innovation from Intel.

Then again, drastic times have always called for drastic measures.