I guess when it comes to dual boot devices, Intel is one company one can imagine hyping up the prospects. The chip giant has stakes in both Windows powered hardware and devices running Android.

And next to Microsoft, even more so then Redmond, it seems, Intel is one company that really wants to do something about it.

Which makes all sorts of sense when you consider that the only thing separating the mobile market from PCs other than form factors is the operating platform. Sure architecture also comes into play (x86 and ARM), but operating system is the one thing that end users actually interact with.

Anyway, Intel expects that the OS will no longer be a barrier in the near future.

The industry, it appears, is working towards tablets and devices that implements dual boot options, and this strategy will continue throughout the year. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich is in on the inside details and assured everyone during his CES 2014 keynote briefing.

Microsoft may not be too keen on Windows sharing space with Android, and neither for that matter would be Google — but one just has to swallow a bitter pill every now and then.

Intel it appears wants to see dual boot everything.

Dual boot tablets and hybrids are already a reality, but the processor maker also wants to see similar laptops, even desktop PCs that can run both Windows and Android at the same time. The company is confident that the world is ready for such devices since many are in various stages of development.

The consumers probably will not mind either, more choice never hurt anybody, right?

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  1. This is but my own opinion, as misguided as it may be, but in this race for the mobile platform I am really rooting for the ARM processors. Not for any intelligent reason but rather for a personal dislike for Intel.

    To me, Intel seemed threatened by Microsoft’s move to the ARM arena, an arena where they had no presence. So they got themselves backers from many hardware developers, who were also threatened by Microsoft’s move into the hardware developer arena, and now they wage their war, be it at cost to themselves, by undercutting the market with their tablets that come packed with BayTrail. To me it screams “Hey Microsoft look what I can do! Your ARM processors can’t do this!”

    This is just an opinion…probably misguided, but still.

    I would love to see Nvidia with their Tegras, Qualcomm with their Snapdragons, and others of ARM chip developers, in view of this heated competition, to produce a mind-blowing chipset to humble this behemoth of a corporation.

    :)…seems silly?

  2. I like my windows 7 – U , very much , I do not want to change , thank you !!! Not even if you gave me windows 8 for free !!!

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