Intel sure is busy throughout the year. While the chip giant has more than enough on its plate with processors for mobile devices like cellphones and tablets, along with server solutions, the PC market is still its bread and butter.

The CPU titan actually releases its desktop processors in phases. While the high-end Haswell chips are already out in the wild, the lower-end solutions are now set for arrival. These include the remaining members of the Haswell lineup — along with a few Ivy Bridge units as well.

The Santa Clara based company has now officially launched its new batch of CPU. And it includes one Core i7, four Core i5 and five Core i3 units, along with two Celeron chips and five Pentium processors.

Of the four Core i5 units, two are based on the Haswell architecture, while the other two are designed with the Ivy Bridge core logic. Expectedly, all are quad-core, 4-thread CPUs with 6 MB cache memory and clock speeds of either 2.8 GHz or 3.10 GHz.

And all of them retail for the same amount — $182 per unit.

The Core i3 chips, on the other hand, are all dual-core models with 3 or 4 MB cache and 4 threads, thanks to the Hyper-Threading technology. They roll at clock speeds ranging between 2.9 GHz to 3.6 GHz, and are priced between $122 and $149.

Next come the Pentium chips that all are dual-core processors with no Hyper-Threading.

Clock speeds for these affordable units hover around between the 2.6 GHz to 3.3 GHz marks, and they have cache sizes of 3 MB. Prices start at $64 and $86 for these processors.

And weakest of the bunch are the Celeron chips. These offer 2 cores, 2 threads (again, no Hyper-Threading) with 2 MB cache. Clock speeds of 2.4 GHz and2.8 GHz keep things simple, as do the prices of $42 and $52.

Which finally brings us to the champion of this little lot — the Core i7-4771. This quad-core CPU arrives with a 3.5 GHz clock, 8 threads, 8 MB cache memory, and is a priced at $314.

These new chips are set to be available on retail channels very soon, if they are not already listed by now. The PC hardware industry (particularly the desktop market) is expected to make a bit of a rebound in the coming months, thanks to the retirement of Windows XP.

Businesses, in particular, are said to be planning to upgrade their old hardware, and these new affordable, yet very capable, solutions could not have arrived at a better time.

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