Boy, from books to slates. Intel has already introduced ultrabooks to the technology world, and now the chip giant seems to be on track to release ultra cheap slates in the very near future.

Amazon released its Kindle Fire tablet a few years back, and that paved way for highly affordable (yet high performing) mobile devices. Other vendors soon followed suit, including Google. Even Apple realized the importance of affordable tablets, as it launched the iPad Mini.

But while a variety of Android tablets are now available under the $200 mark, if Intel has its way, you may soon be able to snap one up for as low as $100.

According to an Intel executive, that is exactly what will happen in a little while.

The company’s general manager for tablet processors, Chris Walker talking to CNET said that future Android tablets powered by its Intel Atom chips will be available at around the $100 mark.

Ultra cheap tablet are not exactly a novelty in the technology world these days — even large brand vendors are jumping into the fray with their affordable solutions. Hewlett-Packard, for example, already has a device on the market that retails for $140.

Slate 7, powered by an ARM processor recently hit store shelves.

But it seems that Intel really is aiming for a paradigm shift with its Atom powered solutions, both in the tablets and notebooks markets.

Newer Atom chips are making their way in both Windows and Android devices, but while Windows based devices are projected to retail for a higher amount, the latter could actually be priced at really affordable price points.

What is your say on this? Do you see yourself getting a sub $100 slate?

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  1. Seeing is Believing, I think Intel is to Greedy to do something like this.

    • You are right! With the amount of money that Intel made last year, I think they can afford to lower their prices. Price them like Walmart (sorry), make them cheaper and more people will buy them!

      • They can, but will they do it. And will the device be so basic that it’s obvious why it’s so cheap. Of course Microsoft could make things cheaper on their suppliers too. I’m not sure they should be giving Windows RT and Windows Phone away for free, but they need to drop the prices significantly on Windows and Office to battle the new age of the budget bin mentality.

  2. $100. I’ll believe it when I see it. Plus, there will still be a market for people who want to pay a little more.

  3. Anything that has to do with Google these days, I’m avoiding like the plague. That means Android too, of course.

  4. I don’t want cheap shoes either.

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