Only in technology. Only in technology do you see a company making more money in the fourth quarter of a year than the previous year, and seeing investors still unsatisfied.

Investors have come to expect much from chip giant Intel, and while they have been rather okay with how things have transpired in the past few years, they were not exactly thrilled with the results for Q4 2013 that Intel just announced.

Profit actually came in at 51 cents a share for a total of $2.63 billion.

Likewise, revenue also came in positively up from $13.48 billion to $13.83 billion. As Intel CEO Brian Krzanich put it in a statement announcing the financial results:

“We had a solid fourth quarter with signs of stabilization in the PC segment and financial growth from a year ago. We’ve built a strong foundation for our business by bringing innovation to the market more quickly across a wide range of computing platforms.”

Despite this, and the fact that no one entity was particularly blamed, investors thought of these earnings as being on the disappointing side. Along with the faltering PC industry, they noticed a slump in demand for server products as well.

Data centers and servers are considered Intel’s strongest business segments.

So desperate is the situation on the PC front that any slowdown in these two abovementioned sectors is often the cause of alarm for people. So while the record breaking of past years may have stopped, Intel knows it has a fight on its hand if it wants to make 2014 better.

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