Intel promising more than 60 Ultrabooks in 2012

Speaking to Liz Claman of Fox Business Network, Intel CEO Paul Otellini confirmed that “we have 11 companies shipping different SKUs, different models this Christmas.”

He ticked off big-name computer makers such as Lenovo, Asus, Acer, Sony, Toshiba “and a few others.”

When Intel introduces its next generation of processors based on Ivy Bridge, Otellini said that “there’s 60 more models coming out.”

In addition, consumers can expect hybrid Ultrabook designs to emerge when Windows 8 is released next year too.

As reported in September, Windows 8 will incorporate both a traditional desktop interface and a Metro style touch interface.

They’re currently priced at around a thousand dollars, with physical dimensions matching that of the MacBook Air, and Intel says prices are expected to drop to $699 eventually as costs of key components drop in tandem with rising demand.

While not overwhelmed, reviewers are generally upbeat that the suave Ultrabooks are sufficiently “zippy” for everyday computing tasks.



  • Penta2100

    Now. to make one that looks better than the Air

  • drdrdrddrrrr

    I used to love HP, still have one, not the same level of competancy or quality, but great to steal parts from.  I got all the calculators, nothing like it all.  They came out with palmtops and the keyboards are about 5 cents for 500 dollar palmtops.  Totally anyway ; P