Intel’s plans for the Haswell successor may be a delayed by a few months due to defect density issues just before the start of production, but the chip giant has nevertheless prepared some neat goodies.

We should have be seeing some solid movement on this front early next year, and while chances are that Intel will only marginally increase general processing capabilities of Broadwell chips by the standard 10 to 15 percent, graphical performance could be up by around 50 to 80 percent.

Word is that Intel is developing a new iGP that goes by the name of GT3 or Iris Pro, and with 128MB of eDRAM memory some impressive performances are only to be expected.

And considering Core i5 processors for tablets are destined to be the first one out of the gates, this radically improved graphics performance would only be good news for hardware vendors that will be launching Windows powered tablets next year.

Surface Pro 2, for instance, is a very capable machine when it comes to overall performance, but it could use a little hand in graphically intensive games. The integrated graphics in the underlying Haswell chip often falters when playing the latest titles at full HD resolution, though 720p plays fine.

Broadwell may just do the trick and offer enough power to push high frame rates, making the Pro version of Microsoft’s slate an even more viable PC gaming device that it already is.

Ultimately, this will have a trickledown effect on other Windows slates too, which is a good thing.

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