Chip giant Intel just released its financial for the second quarter of the year, and though they do not show any momentous records, the company did still make a fair few dimes in this period.

Intel’s’ revenue during the April to June period came in at $12.8 billion — with profit of $2 billion.

With numbers this high, it may seem hard to believe that some term this as indicative of mixed results. But there were several notable drop offs once you take a closer look at the numbers. Year over year, revenues dropped for the key divisions.

The PC Client Group, for instance, which has everything to do with processor sales saw a decline of 7.5 percent. By the same token, the Other Intel Architecture Group, which primarily focuses on mobile chips, saw sales declining by 15 percent.

The newly appointed Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich, had this to say:

“In the second quarter, we delivered on our quarterly outlook and made several key product announcements.

In my first two months as CEO, I have listened to a wide variety of views about Intel and our industry from customers, employees and my leadership team and I am more confident than ever about our opportunity as a company.”

The company has not commented on a possible explanation for the drop in shipments, but it is no secret, after all. The rough and tough PC market conditions share the bulk of the blame, as do the Haswell CPUs, which actually were delayed by a month or so.

And though this new lineup of processors only came out near the end of Q2, they still leave Intel exceptionally optimistic for the future, and in particular the important Q3, which is set to see a number of computers and devices powered by the Haswell platform.

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