There were rumors on this before, but now it appears increasingly likely that Intel will drop the Atom brand name in the very near future. Not the architecture, mind you, just the brand name.

The chip giant based in Santa Clara, California is facing intense pressure from the assault of the various ARM based processor makers on the mobile front, and with declining PC shipments it leaves little room for the company to, shall we say, dawdle.

But according to Digitimes, it will not happen right away — Intel will, in fact, stop releasing processors in the Atom lineup at some point in the fourth quarter of 2014.

And for what it’s worth, the Atom brand does indeed have some rather unenthusiastic and lackluster impressions when it comes to mobile performance, both on tablets and smartphones.

Intel CEO, Brian Krzanich touched upon mobile computing earlier today talking about the company’s financials for the second quarter of the year:

“Looking ahead, the market will continue buying a wide range of computing products.

Intel Atom and Core processors and increased SOC integration will be Intel’s future. We will leave no computing opportunity untapped. To embrace these opportunities, I’ve made it Intel’s highest priority to create the best products for the fast growing ultra-mobile market segment.”

The retirement of the Atom brand will leave the company covering the entry level market by its Celeron and Pentium brand of CPUs. Intel is expected to release Haswell based models in both lineups, as well as processors based on subsequent architectures in the future.

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