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The thoughts of the Intel Skylake architecture quickly replacing the already delayed Broadwell models might have been entertaining, but it appears they were premature too.

Intel, obviously, wanted to stick to its tick tock, fast cadence, even taking into account the somewhat severe six to eight months delay that the Broadwell line of CPUs had to deal with — the idea being releasing the Skylake based processors right after to keep up with the calendar.

However, the latest is that the Skylake platform has been delayed.

Not by much, though.

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Only instead of coming in the summer, as they usually do, the processors (and products based on them) will make their way to the market either towards the end of the third quarter or start of the fourth.

September probably?

But anything between August and October is a possibility.

Apparently, Intel has decided to postpone the launch, as the company does not want to hurt revenue, and those of the various OEMs and hardware partners.

If Skylake stuck to its original launch timeframe, then the life cycle of laptops and notebooks running the current Broadwell platform would have been very short indeed. It takes at least a month for vendors to launch their new solutions whenever a new hardware architecture is released.

Event taking that into account, it appears that the laptop market might experience less than ideal performance in the second half of 2015, due to this delay.

By how much, remains to be seen.

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