It may seem all serene on the outside for Intel, what the with chip giant coming off of another record breaking financial quarter. Inside, though, things are different.

The company is still to make a name for itself on the mobile front — save for Windows tablets. Its Android endeavors are going nowhere, while it is also facing tough competition from companies like AMD and ARM.

With all this going on, Intel has decided to change things around.

Word is that the company is merging its mobile CPU and PC divisions into a single entity called Client Computing. This new unit will be led by current PC Client group chief Kirk Skaugen. No idea what the current mobile division boss Herman Eul will be doing come next year.

Another sign that the PC industry is going through a shift?

You bet!

Sure, that’s not to say that desktop computers are likely to disappear, and the same can be said of the various laptops and notebooks, but the world is moving towards mobile devices. The recent unveil of the Core M processors back at IFA 2014 is enough to signal a perspective shift.

These chips utilize the 14nm Broadwell architecture and are primarily used in 2-in-1 devices.

What remains to be seen is whether this move will result in some job cuts? But one thing’s for sure, you can expect more such reorganizations and mergers in the coming future.

Interesting, interesting times.

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