Interactive advertisements with Kinect on Windows 8?

One of the main areas where Microsoft is hoping to inspire developers, consumers and investors is interactive television.

At the Cannes International Advertising Festival, Microsoft unveiled Kinect NUads, an advertising platform that adds voice and gesture control to advertisements.

NUads lets users use voice commands to the Kinect tp do tried and true “interactive marketing” techniques like letting users access more information, share advertising, and use location data for more granularity.

The idea is, in making these activities as natural and effortless as possible, users are more likely to interact with ads.


  • A user can say “Xbox, More” for additional information about a product in a rolling advertisement.
  • Users can say “Xbox, Near Me” to locate retailers carrying the product in the advertisement.
  • During advertisements for TV shows, users can say “Xbox, Schedule,” to receive an email reminder or calendar notification when that show airs.

It’ll be interesting to see how Nuads enables user interaction with advertisements and as I always say, interesting to see if any of these enhancements spill into Windows 8 and user interaction with internet based ads…

Some video about Nuads.