Interesting – The Samsung Galaxy One Tablet Projector Concept

The Tech.Sc website has come up with a bunch of screenshots of a Samsung Galaxy One Concept.

Their description:

First of all, Samsung Galaxy One Tablet Projector Concept is the first tablet in the world that has an incorporated projector. With the help of this gadget the South Koreans are hoping to attract the customers from the business environment. Having a tablet which will help you make a video presentation, a power point slide or excel table, without needing a classic projector, is a solution expected by many.

In order to optimize the experience, Samsung chose Microsoft’s operating system for its gadget, Windows 8, a premiere for the South Koreans. Until now, Samsung’s most popular tablets were based on Android, an operating system that has some problems when it comes to handling classic Office documents.

Samsung Galaxy One tablet also comes with a stylus, that will help the user make notes or draw, just like the S-Pen is used on Samsung’s phablet, Galaxy Note. Moreover, the gadget will come with video conference support.

This looks like a very interesting device.

A Tablet with a projector sounds like a novel idea.

Here are some screenshots:

What do you guys think?

  • Ezekiel Carsella

    love the concept and think Samsung’s presence will really shake up the tablet market

  • Darrenkgeorge

    Excellent. One of the main reasons I want a tablet is for presentation purposes. So this is brilliant to me. Quality is not the main co cern if I were to use the tablet as a projector but function. If it can function within a few yards and shoot images with keystoning and all the other relevant manipulations I think I will hold out and push for this tablet. To me, Samsung is the leader in technology right about now.

  • Mark

    Now that’s what I call innovation – what an awesome product, and when can I buy one!