The start of another new month brings another flurry of statistics. The browser numbers paint the usual story, as Internet Explorer, Microsoft’s flagship web browser continues leading the charts.

Numbers provided by third party market researcher Net Applications reveal that while Firefox and Chrome are still trailing behind Internet Explorer, version 10 of IE is closing in on the top spot fast. Internet Explorer 8, however, continues its reign at the top for another month.

Version 8 of Microsoft’s browser finds itself installed on 21.74 percent of computers worldwide, which is more than good enough to give it the biggest market share.

Internet Explorer 10, on the other hand, is the runner up with 17.5 percent. This version comes as the default choice on Windows 8, and is also available as an optional download for Windows 7 users. Both these builds have a major contribution in Internet Explorer’s global domination.

The two versions combined are power almost 40 percent of computers in this chart.

When it comes to competitors, Firefox 25 has enough momentum to give it a place on the podium. It was in third place in the month of November, with 10.43 percent. Internet Explorer 9 follows, this time with 9.25 percent.

Chrome 31 and Chrome 30 come next, with numbers amounting to 6.77 percent and 5.94 percent respectively. Internet Explorer 6, by the way, is still installed on 4.92 percent of computers worldwide.

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