Internet Explorer 11 Also Gets Some New Performance Optimizations

Previously rumored either as Windows 8.1 Update 2, even Windows 8.2, the August Update for Windows 8.1 is here, and flying onto desktops, notebooks and tablets as of this writing.

However, for one odd reason or another, Microsoft have not properly introduced this refresh of its latest operating system. We do have the official announcement from a few days back, and then this handy changelog compiled from patch details.

Anyway, along with updating Windows 8.1, Redmond also touched up Internet Explorer 11 with a few new features and enhancements that improve the overall browsing experience.

The company talked about these changes to IE11 in a blog post.

Long story short, this update brings substantial improvements to the Developer Tools — from the user interface to console, the DOM explorer, emulation tool, UI responsiveness and memory profiling tools, and, of course, the debugger, all have been updated with new features and bug fixes.

This new version of Internet Explorer also comes with at least one notable browsing improvement. WebGL has been updated with support for some technologies that speed up browsing.

Microsoft, obviously, rolled out some security improvements for Internet Explorer as part of the first ever Update Tuesday release. Out of date ActiveX controls from IE will now be blocked.


And while this new update does not bring anything majorly exciting for end users, developers and web designers will be pleased with these new changes to the Developer Tools side of the browser.

New, and due changes, at that.

  • Dennis

    I use IE11 at my office. It’s much better from older versions, but still needs a lot of work in comparison to Firefox, which is my personal favorite browser. Microsoft needs to keep making these performance optimizations for me to call it the top browser.