Internet Explorer 11 With Enterprise Mode For Windows 7 Rumored To Launch Soon

Windows 7 might have gone on the backburner for Microsoft just a fleeting moment as it shifted all its focus on Windows 8 and all that, but the world’s most popular operating system is far too important to ignore for long.

Windows 8.1 Update, as it is now being called, is on track for debut next month.

This first major pack of improvements for the company’s latest OS comes with a number of enhancements, including an Enterprise Mode for Internet Explorer 11 that allows companies to add support for specific applications.

And now it appears that Microsoft has implemented these same set of improvements in the Windows 7 version of IE11 as well. In fact, this particular package is about to launch anytime now.

Famous Windows leaked WZor believes that Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7 with Enterprise Mode, going by the build number 11.0.960.17029 could soon be leaked, as Microsoft has finished development on this flavor of its web browser.

Windows 8.1 Update (previously known as Update 1) has also recently hit the RTM status, meaning Redmond has finalized work on both its major releases.

The company is, by most accounts, making final adjustments for the big launch party in early April.