Feature parity? We’ll take it, regardless. Internet Explorer 11 just received a new functionality in the form of new tab page. Similar to how things are on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

This update is showing up on previous versions of the operating system, including the x64 version of Windows 8.1 with IE 11.0.13. Meaning Windows 10 Technical Preview users may not see it, at least not right now.

Windows 7 users are also excluded from this new functionality, it appears.

But Windows 8.1 users now get access to a new search bar on the middle of the page, along with a tiled list of the frequently visited websites.

Microsoft has compiled these changes in the KB article for the release, listing everything that’s changed after deploying this particular update. A major fix is that domain suggestions for sites that have not been visited are no longer displayed.

Do keep in mind that you need to enable Bing as the default search engine in order to display this new functionality.

A small change overall, but will make searching a little easier for users of Microsoft’s flagship web browser. Besides, people are used to features like this on other competing browsers.

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  1. Microsoft can we please have a SPEED DIAL similar to Opera and Firefox have had for years so we can add our fav websites to it? Who knows, people might actually start using your browser again if you make simple refinements like this.

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