That Internet Explorer 11 is one of the top used browsers in the world is not news, but the Microsoft’s flagship solution keeps on growing these days, at a fast pace.

Data for the month of November confirms that a fair portion of users prefer to stick with the default browsers on Windows, rather than downloading and installing new ones — and then there’s the case of the ever increasing tablet share for Internet Explorer 11.

It is currently the only true touch capable web browser for the modern version of the OS.

Anyway, Net Applications claims that IE 11 is increasing the distance between itself and rivals rather swiftly. As of right now, it is being used on no less than 25.49% of computers.

A steady increase from the 24.05% last month, and 16.78% back in July this year.

Another way to put is that this particular version of Internet Explorer is installed and used on 1 in 4 computers around the world. Speaking of versions, another popular flavor, the previous chart topper, comes in second with 15.11%.

Only Google Chrome is good enough for a podium finish here in this listing, with 11.25%.

Firefox 32 is a few leagues behind with just 5.99% of the market.

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