The Windows 8.1 Preview build is soon to be unleashed. And with it we should be getting our hands on a test version of the upcoming Internet Explorer 11 later this week.

But according to some new leaked documents, along with several improvements, the latest version of Microsoft’s web browser is also expected to feature the “Click to Call” option that allows users to quickly and easily dial phone numbers on web pages straight from within the browser window.

This option is, obviously, available to those that install the Skype Click to Call browser plugin — but it appears that this may be turned on by default in Internet Explorer 11. As Microsoft explains:

“Click to Call is a new feature in Internet Explorer 11. If you want to use a specific app to dial phone numbers when you click on them, you can choose the app in Default Programs. What you choose will only apply to your user account and won’t affect other user accounts on the PC.”

In other words, Microsoft is not just limiting this functionality to Skype, but users will be able to select the application of their choice that will initiate a call whenever phone numbers are displayed on websites inside IE11.

More details should hopefully be provided on June 26, when the preview version of Windows 8.1 makes it public debut at the BUILD developer conference in San Francisco.

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