Microsoft’s flagship web browser has chimed in 2014 with the usual aplomb, staking claim to more than half of the worldwide market. Internet Explorer version 8 led the charts this past month.

Research firm Net Applications recently released its numbers for December 2013, and this round once again easily went to Internet Explorer. IE8 held the top spot with a market share of 20.64 percent, with Google Chrome ending up a few leagues behind at 12.88 percent for second place.

The next three places were all occupied by various Internet Explorer versions — IE10 and its 11.05 percent share, IE11 with 10.42 percent and IE9 at 8.96 percent.

Mozilla only appears at sixth place in these charts, with its Firefox 25 coming in at 7.48 percent, followed closely by Firefox 26 and its 6.6 percent slice of the market.

Internet Explorer 6 is also slowly droppings from the charts as time goes by. These latest figures reveal that the vintage browser claims a 4.43 percent usage share. Still a pretty strong showing for a browser that took flight 12 years back alongside Windows XP, but this surely is a case of do or die right now.

And with Windows XP now headed for retirement, IE6 is following suit.

When talking about the overall market share, Internet Explorer is the effective king of the browser world with a total 57.91 percent of the market. Firefox comes next with 18.35 percent, and Chrome is in the third place with its 16.22 percent share.

Safari rounds up the top four, coming in at 5.82 percent.

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  1. There are too many out there who need to upgrade, especially in Enterprise. There are so many out there because of applications they’re running have to stick with an older version of IE like 8 or 9

    • True. You take one look at Microsoft related forums (official or otherwise) and you will find business users talking about the lack of compatibility of their apps in Internet Explorer 11.

      Heck, I’d encountered a couple of my applications not working with IE11, they are written for Windows 7 and IE9 or lower. It’s the applications that need updating, in truth, but yeah.

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