Internet Explorer 11 To Be Deeply Integrated With Windows 8.1

Internet Explorer 11 To Be Deeply Integrated With Windows 8.1

The BUILD conference slated to begin tomorrow will provide us our first look at the Windows 8.1 Preview. And this publicly available test version of the OS will come bundled with a new version of Internet Explorer.

Along with being completely optimized for the touch experience, IE 11, the latest version of Microsoft’s in-house web browser comes with several improvements.

Precious little was known about the newest version of Internet Explorer up until now, but the debut of Windows Server 2012 R2 has provided us with more details on some of the major improvements that are to arrive with this new version of the browser.

Screenshots posted by Robert McLaws reveal that Internet Explorer 11 will be even more deeply integrated with the newest version of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Windows 8.1 comes with options to add a specific website to the Start screen easily and effortlessly.

The “Add site to Apps” option is available whenever as website is loaded in Internet Explorer 11, and selecting it creates a dedicated tile on the Start screen that allows for faster loading of that website.

Additionally, Microsoft has also worked on to improve touch support on the new browser.

The above image shows the “Advanced” configuration screen of the application, which now comes with an “Enable flip ahead with page prediction” feature that makes it easier for users to use the browser on a tablet device.

Finally, options to enable or disable the SmartScreen filter are displayed in the download manager, providing users with the ability to control it without launching the configuration screen every time.

Fill details will, obviously, be revealed tomorrow during the BUILD developer conference.