Internet Explorer 11 is one of the most important pieces of the Windows 8.1 puzzle. Microsoft’s flagship web browser is expected to receive a number of enhancements, both when it comes to the feature set and performance.

Set for arrival at the same time the anticipated upgrade to Windows is released, IE 11 packs in support for the latest web technologies, while at the same time comes with lively performance improvements.

The software titan has specifically optimized Internet Explorer 11 for touch, and according to the company it now supports up to 100 different tabs per window — a remarkable figure — without affecting the overall performance, browsing speed and even battery life of the device.

Microsoft introduced Internet Explorer 11 in a new blog post saying:

“Up to 100 tabs per window, with independent tab suspension for efficient use of memory and battery, and faster switching with tabs that are there when you need them, out of your way when you don’t.

Responding to feedback, IE11 has a new option to always show your tabs and address bar for faster, easier access with the mouse or finger.”

Just like the version preceding it, Internet Explorer 11 is going to come in both desktop and Metro versions, and will be the default browsing application for all sorts of devices powered by Windows, from desktops to laptops, tablets and more.

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