Considering just how closely Internet Explorer is tied to the Windows operating system, it comes as no surprise that Microsoft very rarely revamps the user interface of its flagship web browser.

The Internet Options toolbox, for instance, has more or less stayed the same for decades now. And changing it, just for the sake of change means that the company (and other hardware and software partners) will have to rewrite all documentation that makes use of these settings.

But that does not meant Redmond is completely ruling out big changes when it comes to the interface.

Although we have no confirmation whether Internet Explorer 12 will be part of Windows 9 or the second update to Windows 8.1, a member of the IE development team recently said that the new browser will feature a revamped interface.

A post on Microsoft Connect reads:

“Thanks for the feedback. We’re making substantial changes to the UI, we’ll keep this in mind. Best Regards, The Internet Explorer Team.”

Now obviously, a refreshed interface would come in quite handy for the desktop users of Internet Explorer 12, which as noted above, has only brought along minor changes over the years.

The touch optimized Modern version of Internet Explorer already sports a sleek look.

Either way, Internet Explorer 12 should be with us either in the next couple of months, or in about a year, depending on which version of the operating system Microsoft decides to release this version of its popular web browser with.

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