I guess there must be something very special in using a 13 year old web browser. That’s almost like using an 85 year old car to drive to work. Daily. I mean, I can understand using an older version, I do.

But using an outdated (and out of support) version is really on another level.

It does not come down to slow hardware either, there just might be something else at play here. Maybe these fine folks do not know that they can upgrade their web browser. Or probably some extensions and add-ons that only work with Internet Explorer 6.

Yes, I am talking about IE6, the version that launched all the way back in August 2001 — two months before Windows XP arrived on the market. And it received its final set of updates last week.

However, it still remains a shockingly popular version of Internet Explorer across the globe.

As the IE6 Countdown page reveals, this flavor is used by some 4.2 percent of users worldwide, with China registering the highest percentage of 22.2. India comes way next with 2.8 percent. Surprisingly, Japan and Russia still register with 1.7 percent each.

When Microsoft retired Windows XP alongside Office 2003, it also laid to rest all versions of Internet Explorer below 9, in order to ensure that everyone rocked a browser with support for modern standards and web technologies.

Regardless, what kind of websites these users see on Internet Explorer 6, and how they are displayed, remains and utter and unqualified mystery.

Plain HTML pages, perhaps?

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  1. Step your game up, China! That’s a scary high percentage! :p I’m just teasing, but it’s amazing to think that’s the browser so many people are still using.

  2. I wish they could find some more specific details on this. For instance, the avg age of IE6 users or how active they are on the internet. I would guess older and not very active, but who knows.

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