The old version kept the crown for a while more. Internet Explorer 8 has managed to stay in top position for another month, with numbers pointing to a 21.56% worldwide share.

These figures, of course, come from market research firm Net Application.

In second place sits Internet Explorer 11, a solution that is installed on 16.78% of desktop computers the world over. And rising. Third place is reserved for Firefox 30, with its market share of 9.27%, which is eerily close to Chrome 35.

Google’s web browser is fourth, with 9.08%.

Two other Microsoft browsers come in next, version 9 and 10, with 9.06% and 6.26% respectively. But on the whole, the browser market has not changed all that much in July 2014. StatCounter, obviously, reports things differently with Chrome taking first place with 45.24%.

But the interesting thing to note here is that Internet Explorer 8 is no longer receiving support from Microsoft in terms of security fixes and patches.

Which means that users that are still rocking IE8 could become vulnerable to attacks it the stay on this version. Redmond readily recommends an upgrade, even if it is to another browser, if not a newer build of Internet Explorer.

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  1. More people need to make the switch to 11. A lot of these people aren’t even in XP.

  2. Not a shock. As long as Windows is the most used platform in the world, IE will be the most used browser.

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