Internet Explorer Can Now Be Used On Any OS With RemoteIE

Internet Explorer is as much as platform for Microsoft as any other solutions that the company has created. So much is the web browser used in the corporate world.

And Redmond has announced a new tool just today that works in collaboration with the Azure Remote app. The free service goes by the name of RemoteIE, and allows you to the run the latest version of Internet Explorer from the Windows 10 Technical Preview on any device.

Anything from OS X, iOS to Android.

All without the need of a virtual machine.

You might be wondering, why all the trouble? The hassle? The reason?

Well, Microsoft wants to make it easier for developers to build content for the latest version of its web flagship web browser, no matter the choice of the operating system. If you’re on Windows 7, you can take the newest version of Internet Explorer for a spin.

If you’re an app developer or website designer, and want to check for compatibility, you can simple use the RemoteIE tool to test using the browser, without have to set up and run a virtual machine.

And it saves iPad and Android tablet developers the trouble to by additional hardware or software.

Excellent solution all round.

The app uses the Windows Server Remote Desktop Service infrastructure, in combination with Microsoft’s Azure platform to stream content to your local device. This is primarily for developers in mind, so the performance will not be peak, but hey, you already know that by now, right?

Take RemoteIE for a spin at this link.