The exodus continues. Microsoft has parted ways with several key employees in the past couple of years, and the head of the Internet Explorer development team is the newest name in this list.

Dean Hachamovitch has had a significant contribution in the launch of the company’s flagship web browsers, but he is now leaving the software titan after approximately 24 years with the company. That’s almost a lifetime in the world of technology.

And the reason for this exit?

Hard to say, but his remarks do imply that the new direction that Redmond is taking for Internet Explorer probably does not match his vision for the browser:

“I’m overdue for a change. The company really has changed a lot. It’s a good time to get a different point of view on tech and life.”

Fair enough.

He is not actually joining any competing technology establishment, or taking up a leading role at a rival firm. Instead Hachamovitch will now serve as technical advisor from a firm that invests in digital simulation of human physiology, LifeQ.

One of the pioneers behind integrating HTML5 support into Internet Explorer, the man joined Microsoft in 1990, but started work on the browser in 2003 — when IE was competing with Netscape.

Dean also touched upon his Microsoft exit in a post on his blog, worth a read.

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