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Another month, another tussle. The technology world sure is divided when it comes to determining the most popular web browser. StatCounter believes Google Chrome is king, while Net Applications thinks Internet Explorer is the reigning champion.

The company has tabulated new data for the month of June 2014.

And according to the numbers, Internet Explorer leads the browser market with a 58.38 percent share of the market. Google Chrome lags far behind with 19.34 percent.

Interestingly, the top five positions are all taken up by Microsoft’s flagship web browser. Internet Explorer 8 leads the pack with 21.25 percent, version 11 is 17.01 percent, while IE 9 and IE 10 are in the fourth and fifth place with figures of 9.03 percent and 6.37 percent respectively.

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Google Chrome 35 is sandwiched between them these in third place with 12.50 percent.

Obviously, one big advantage that Internet Explorer has on competitors is the fact that companies and enterprise users use this browser heavily, in order to access certain applications.

Microsoft is also said to be developing the next version of the web browser, which in most realities would be Internet Explorer 12. Expect official details on this in the coming months, and development ramps up at Redmond.

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  1. Obviously this is good for Microsoft, but I would like to see a more comprehensive breakdown. I know for me, I have to use IE at work and that’s company mandated. I’m guessing that applies to a pretty decent %. I’d be interested in that figure as well as what the % of the browser breakdown is when people can choose.

  2. Firefox isn’t even in the top 5? That’s surprising. I didn’t expect Chrome to be ahead of Firefox or so many different versions of IE. Nice information.

  3. I never believe the numbers I see with Chrome at like 50%. I mean think about it. Think about 50% of the PC users you know that you or some other tech person hasn’t advised to use Chrome, do they even know what Chrome is. I just haven’t run across many clients or people in corporate or education environments who go out of their way to get Chrome. The ones I’ve seen some tech person advised them to go with Chrome over IE, so they just went with that they said. They went to download flash or something like that, and Chrome downloaded and made itself default browser. Some website they go on for school or news or whatever told them they need to switch the Chrome, and they just took the site’s word for it. I just don’t know or have ever run across many non-tech people who feel like they just have to have Chrome

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