If the world of browsers had a hill, Internet Explorer would surely be standing tall in the very middle as the triumphant leader. Microsoft’s popular web browser remains the number one choice of users around the world.

This is, according to the latest statistics provided by market research firm Net Applications.

The numbers for the month of October 2013 reveal that Internet Explorer 8 is installed on no less than 21.75 percent of the computers tallied. But Internet Explorer 10 is fast flying into striking position with an 18.94 percent slice of the pie.

Firefox 24 is the only third-party browser that makes an appearance in the top three with 12.79 percent. Chrome 30, on the other hand, follows with 10.45 percent.

Internet Explorer 9, surprisingly, finds itself fifth but with 9.49 percent. Internet Explorer 6 also remains properly popular worldwide — six months before its official retirement, mind you.

Anyway, Microsoft has poured in a lot of work on Internet Explorer.

The newly launched Windows 8.1, of course, comes with the newest version of the browser, Internet Explorer 11. Redmond has revamped the underlying core of the program, while at the same time included support for newer web technologies so as to provide an enhanced experience.

How exactly this translates in terms of market share should be evident in a month or two.

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  1. The graphic for this article is from another article.

  2. I actually trust these numbers more than I do the ones that show Chrome running away with browser share. I question how the other applications get their stats. Of course I’m only basing this off personal experience. I work IT for a community as well as a tech/career college. I worked for a hotel company and a company than manages all your IT services before that. And I also travel or do temp/contract work through a staffing agency that I used to work through sometime. I just don’t see many average users defaulting to Chrome by personal choice. Most don’t even know what Chrome is, but they know the Blue E means Internet or gets you to the Internet. If you ask them do they use Chrome, most will ask you “what’s that?” Some actually know about Firefox even if they will call it “FoxFire” from time to time. But even still most people using a browser by default other than IE are either people who had another browser setup as default on their system when they got it, their IT friend told them they should be using Chrome, they downloaded something that installed Chrome and made it default, some website they access for school or work(or some other purpose) told them to download Chrome, or the systems at their job or work default to Chrome. There are probably some that recognize the icon from Android devices, but there are very few people who are not tech people or more experienced/veteran computer users who get a new system and think “I need to go download Chrome” or “I need to find another way to get on the Internet”

    • So very true. In fact, there are reports that Chrome’s market share shrunk by a little this past few weeks. I wouldn’t discount some of these companies being close together with each other.

  3. Nicholas Beatty / November 5, 2013 at 12:52 pm /Reply

    I find it infinitely funny that it’s worded as IE is the “number one choice.” Very few people use IE out of choice. Either they don’t know better, or their workplace/school forces them to use it. And now with Windows 8 using IE and Bing in every aspect of the system, all other alternatives can kiss market share goodbye….until Windows loses its market share, that is.

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