Internet Explorer Still The Number One Browser Among IT Workers

Internet Explorer Still The Number One Browser Among IT Workers

Forrester has just revealed its latest study, this time concerning web browser usage in the workplace. And according to the research firm, Microsoft’s browser takes undisputed top honors.

The statistics reveal that Internet Explorer continues to be the number one browser among IT workers in the United States.

The research firm surveyed 7,295 employees about their browser choices, and 40.2 percent of the respondents picked Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox accounted for 27.8 and 25.4 percent respectively.

Browsers are not just the only item surveyed by Forrester. The same study reveals that Windows 7 is used by 47.5 percent of enterprises, and Windows XP coming in second position with 38.2 percent.

J.P. Gownder, Forrester VP and Infrastructure & Operations analyst talking to VentureBeat said:

“Whichever data source we use, the overall picture painted for I&O professionals comes out the same: Today, even when IT departments standardize around a particular browser brand and version, browser diversity is quite common in the enterprise.”

While this study brings to light some interesting new details, at least as far as business use is concerned, it is still fairly difficult to clearly decide which browser clearly holds the leading spot on the market.

The rankings fluctuate depending on who is doing the talking.

Net Applications claims that Internet Explorer dominates the rankings fair and square, while StatCounter pins Google Chrome as the market leader. Then again, this is not something entirely surprising once you take into account all the variables that go into these statistics.