Introducing our new Windows 8 Questions Knowledgebase

I’m happy to announce that our Windows 8 Knowledgebase is live.

Here you can get your most difficult Windows 8 questions answered. In light of the fact that the Windows 8 Consumer Preview is coming soon, we all need to share our knowledge with each other and this tool will help us do just that.

You’ll be able to sign in with Facebook or Twitter and ask your Windows 8 related questions. Or, you can gain points and cash every month by answering the most questions for the month.

I’m really excited about this launch and I hope this adds value to y’all.

Click here To read the instructions about the Windows 8 Questions Knowledgebase.

Click here to go directly to the Windows 8 questions Knowledgebase.

  • Handa

    Very nice! Pinned 😉