The passage of Black Friday begs the question: how well did the new Surface do against the iPad in Microsoft and Apple Stores respectively?

The Piper Jaffray team, led by Gene Munster, spent two hours counting shoppers and purchases at a Microsoft and an Apple store.

As he has done every five years, he had one team at the Apple Store in the Mall of America in Minneapolis and another at the Microsoft Store directly across the hall for two hours each.

He had three findings:

  • The Microsoft Store had 47% less foot traffic than the Apple store.
  • Shoppers bought 17.2 items per hour at the Apple Store and only 3.5 items per hour at the Microsoft Store. However, all but two of the Microsoft purchases were X-Box games.
  • Shoppers at the Apple Store bought an average of 11 iPads per hour and no Surface sales took place.

This must sound disappointing to Microsoft, who have spent millions on TV, billboards and online to advertise the Surface. We have to qualify this however by noting that this observation was anecdotal and not a proper statistical sample.

In addition, the fact that many shoppers purchase online adds yet another qualifier to Piper Jaffray’s observations.

So it makes for an interesting article, but we cannot yet draw firm conclusions about Surface sales.

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