The technology world, at large, was in for a surprise last month when Microsoft, instead of unveiling the Surface Mini, announced the Surface Pro 3, a device which the company says could replace a traditional laptop while offering enhanced portability and battery life.

What happened to the smaller Surface unit? It is said that the Surface Mini project was cancelled only a few days before the May 20 event, on orders of CEO Satya Nadella and devices head Stephen Elop.

Both individuals figured that the device was not different enough from other such smaller tablets on the market. However, it seems that the company is still working on a small tablet.

According to a new report, Microsoft have placed orders to suppliers for 8-inch displays.

This story has Rhoda Alexander, an IHS Technology analyst saying that orders for small displays skyrocketed to the highs of 100,000 units between March and April 2014.

Sure, this is not a direct indication that Redmond is ready to release the Surface Mini in the near future, but there are voices that claim that the software titan is waiting for the touch versions of its Office productivity suite to hit the market before unveiling the new tablet.

Microsoft is yet to talk about in any sold capacity about the Surface Mini, though company executives have hinted that they want to expand the tablet lineup with new models.

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  1. Hopefully they will make some improvements to it to make it more like the SP3, maybe adding that type of kickstand or writing ability.

  2. I thought they produced a good amount of tablets and then just cancelled. Either that means the tablets were bad and they just cut their losses, OR they are just waiting to send them out at a later time. I’m leaning towards the latter.

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