Is Microsoft Working On A Touchscreen Game Controller For Xbox Surface Tablet?

Things move fast in the world of computing. More so, in the world of tablets. It seems like it was only yesterday that Microsoft introduced the original Surface RT.

That launch came with rumors that the company might introduce a dedicated gaming tablet.

Well, things still are in the rumor phase right now — even as Microsoft continues its transition into a devices and services firm, even as the newest mobile processors offer some impressive graphical prowess. But something else is also cooking in the Redmond offices.

This recent patent filing with the USPTO reveals what is being called a “game controller on mobile touch-enabled devices”. Intriguing, to say the very least.

What this means is that Microsoft wants to create an onscreen controller that can turn any touch enabled device (like a tablet, for instance) into a gaming unit. The patent details provide a lot of information on what the company wants to achieve here.

The primary objective, however, remains ensuing that the touch enabled controller provides almost the same level of functionality that a traditional gaming controller provides — with the only difference being that players will be able to customize and reassign the buttons.

Now this could tie into Microsoft releasing a dedicated gaming Surface unit, free of all the other bells and whistles. Or it could mean that the company might bring this functionality to all Surface tablets.

In either case, gear up for more Microsoft adventures in the hardware domain.