Is Silverlight dead in Windows 8?

There has been a lot of silence from Microsoft regarding the fate of Silverlight.

They haven’t said that it will die and they haven’t said that it will live.

My personal belief is that they want Silverlight to die a discreet quiet death and as a result will try and keep references low key until Windows 8.

That also means that Microsoft will continue to release new versions of Silverlight until Windows 8 arrives.

From a business perspective, Microsoft gains absolutely nothing from announcing the death of a product before a newer more superior product is available.

On the other hand, misleading customers about the future wouldn’t be a good move either.

That in essence is why I believe they continue to be low key about it.

Also, the cool thing is that the same skills that are used in Silverlight development are also used in Windows 8 development (XAML, C#, VB, JS) so Silverlight developers should have a pretty smooth transition into Windows 8 development.

Not all hope is lost for Silverlight fans.

“I think Silverlight still has several years of life left. Windows 8 is at least a year away, and Windows 7 is a very stable OS that will be a standard for many more years,” says analyst Rob Sanfilippo of Directions on Microsoft. “Silverlight will also be supported in IE10 running in the desktop legacy mode on Windows 8.”

A slow, painless death.


  • Dude

    The only thing I’ve ever seen about silverlight is that it is supposed to “enhance some website features.”  What is this program suppose to do anyways?  Do web designers ever use it that are not employed by Microsoft?  Seems if it died away, that no one would really miss it and just upgrade to the next item that replaces it.

    • King_vampire

      You are crazy. Silverlight is not a “program”. There are entire business solutions based on Silverlight. It seems that you understand nothing…