Microsoft made many friend and a few enemies with its Scroogled campaign that was aimed against its immediate rival Google, but it now appears that the company has silently laid it to rest.

The Scroogled campaign, ladies and gentlemen, seems to have done what it set out to do — in other words, Redmond no longer plans to attack search engine giant Google on how it handles user data.

Although the Scroogled website is still up and running. And redesigned.

Some comments posted on Yabbly by Derrick Connell, a Microsoft corporate vice president that oversees the Bing Experiences team hinted that Microsoft is now done with the campaign.

These have since been deleted, but ZDNet managed to save parts of the Q&A session:

“It is tricky as you want to raise awareness and do it in a fun way. I think we achieved that goal, and changed some policies, and we are now done with the campaign. Mostly I feel proud that we decided to do it regardless of how we might be perceived.”

Sounds about fair — though the campaign itself managed to ruffle a few feathers.

Redmond had, in the past, used the Scroogled marketing campaign to reveal what it believed were unfair practices by Google that were used to sell ads in a number of products like Gmail, and the company’s search and shopping services.

There is also the case of the new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, and he appears to be on a different track that does not call for directly attacking rival companies.

Either way, it seems that this is the end of the line for Scroogled.

What did you guys think of it? Did it tell the truth, in a funny and harmless way, or was it something that Microsoft should not have done. Speak now or forever hold your peace!

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  1. Immature and dumb campaign anyway. Very smart to get rid of this and make people forget about this ASAP. You’re a major corporation, there’s no need to slander google. Just compete with them.

    • Agreed completely, John. Makes Microsoft seem insecure and inferior to Google. It may be ok for a smaller company, but it’s a borderline embarrassing move by a company of Microsoft’s size.

  2. I agree with the other comments. Lame attempt at advertising. Target the strengths of your products, not the weakness of others. And don’t get the pawn star guys to help you out! 🙂

  3. I disagree with the other posters as well as anyone else thinking the campaign should be over. It has to do with more than just advertising against Chromebooks. The real tragedy of the campaign is that more should have picked up on it or at least given it some analysis. It’s funny to see the argument against it always be “just speak on your own positives.” This usually comes from people who support negative campaigns and off the wall rhetoric against politicians they don’t like. Some of these same people would have no problem with it if the shoe were on the other foot. They never object to the constant Microsoft bashing and said nothing for years when other companies did the exact same thing to Microsoft. I’m not saying that fits any of the previous posters, but it does fit people I’ve come into contact with personally and that I see comment about this on various websites. I still think the reverse would be more accepted just like If it were Microsoft involved in the trail involving salaries that Apple, Google, and Abode are involved in, people would be talking bout it

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