Windows has always been a multi tasking operating system – an operating system where you can do multiple tasks at the same time.

But with the coming of Windows 8, I seriously doubt whether Windows will remain a multi tasking operating system.

Why? Let’s see.

The new metro interface introduced by Microsoft in Windows 8 is primarily to run Full screen apps.

They wanted the user to make use of every inch of their screen(as they posted in B8 blog). So they introduced a feature called Metro.

They also introduced a feature called snap in Windows 8. But is it of any avail?

Sadly the answer is No.

The snap feature enables the user to run one app in 3/4 mode and one in 1/4 mode. With this feature the only thing one can do is use messenger or play media files while working on another app. That’s it. Nothing more than that. But the users need to do more work at the same time than using a messenger.

What strikes my mind is why don’t they allow one app to take half of the screen so that other app could be used in other half ? With this feature One can watch a YouTube video on half of the screen while writing an article on the other half of the screen or can view a webpage with carrying on other works. This is a very essential feature for power and business users as they have to keep track of various things at the same time.

Also one major drawback with snap feature is that it needs a minimum resolution of 1366×768 to work. So, the users who’s monitor’s resolution is less than that won’t get even that feature. So, no Multi tasking for them at all.

Is this the Windows we all love and care about??

Please share your thoughts below.

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  • 123321

    dividing the screen in two halves would be very very useful. i need that.

    • Ezekiel Carsella

      ditto. like in Windows 7 or in Windows 8 7 mode where you can use two applications at once. 

  • Zato-One

    Half-screen: I think they haven’t done so because of desktop, which was not made for “square” resolution (half of widescreen). Same goes for desktop apps. I think they tried but had problems with this. I may be wrong.

    I hope as the time goes, they will find some workaround. Same goes for multitasking – I hope they’ll improve it. I’d like to see the same as it is in taskbar – possibility to open more windows of one app (with pressing mouse scroll button) and nesting those mutliple windows of the same app, progress bar (e.g. when you are downloading you can see the progress). And you should be able to see what apps are opened right in the metro (not just “open apps bar on the left”).

    I think Windows 8 has a lot of changes ahead, it needs time, improving the system on the basis of user experiences, more apps in store.

    I didn’t want to hear from people it will be the same as Vista (the bad) and Windows 7 (the good). But I have to admit, it’s a bit true. It need time…

  • techblogger

    I’m fortunate to have a screen than can hit that resolution but as,far a multitasking goes, I’ve had a burn going while,vegging on news on the metro side. Not sure if this qualifies as multitasking in your book but for me it is.

  • Timiteh

    Well Windows 8 is some kind of unfinished product which has been rushed to fit in the 3 years paradigm between major O.S release.
     I think that in its current form it is a good to great solution for tablet and convertibles. Unfortunately i don’t expect tablet and convertibles to represent even half of the whole PC+tablet market when Windows 9 will be about to come.
    I think that tablet market will even shrink once smartphones will become big,powerful but still comfortable enough to do close of 100 % of what tablet do. The galaxy note is one precursor of such smartphones.
     Moreover to force traditionnal PC users to deal with an U.I clearly not optimized for them is extremly annoying to say the least. Why Microsoft can not come with at least 3 U.I:
    * One for tablet/convertibles
    * One for traditionnal desktop/laptop
    * One for high end touch enabled devices such as surface which are very powerful, not mobile devices which could have benefit from an much more appealing, beautiful U.I than Metro.
    is beyond my comprehension.
    So all this blabla about the fact that Phones are not PC and should have a taylored U.I was b.s ?

  • Michael

    Welcome to Win8… erm sorry DOS Re-imagined.

    If the world just sticks to Win7 PC’s, and the already available Tablet scenarios, then MS will have to re-imagine their future and we will be rid of this incredibly stupid nightmare call Window8.Send the Feds to Redmond – they are all on some sort of narcotic over there!

  • narg

    Windows 8 is every bit Windows. Both of past and future abilities. There is still the desktop, which acts like any desktop Windows has had in the past, with some enhancements of course. And, as been discussed in ad-nauseum one deletion… But that’s easily fixed with a simple install. And, multitasking on Windows 8 in it’s new format is super simple. So this discussion is quite stupid IMHO.

  • dalawrie2

    Win 8 Metro tends to appeal to social media attuned youngsters rather than old-school desktop users who want to do ‘real’ stuff. As such, its ‘look and feel’ is an instinctive transition from smart phones, although not as slick. The issue here is the difference between the engine and the dashboard. The Metro dashboard bothers little about old school email or multi tasking. If you want a 50% split, it’s ‘back to the past’ – and the good ol’ desktop with snap.