False alarm, people. It appears that the city of Munich, the pioneer of the transition from Windows to open source, is not actually giving up on Linux. At least not yet.

News that came out earlier this week suggested otherwise.

Instead, after 10 years of using the open source operating system, the city council is only conducting a review of how the adoption of Linux has fared this past decade. And although a return to Windows is not ruled out, the same goes for moving the remaining departments to Linux.

Stefan Hauf, a council spokesperson explains that the newly elected mayor, Dieter Reiter, asked for a review in order to make the final decision on whether to move the other departments to the open source platform.

The transition to Linux has gone well up until now, but they have to figure out whether to maintain the same direction going forward, or go back to Windows:

“The new mayor has asked the administration to gather the facts so we can decide and make a proposal for the city council how to proceed in future. Not only for Limux but for all of IT. It’s about the organization, the costs, performance and the usability and satisfaction of the users.”

Fair enough, fair enough.

Limux is, of course, the distribution of Linux that they are using. Or LiMux, rather, as it is called. He does leave some room for interpretation, saying that nothing is decided yet.

Everything depends on the report, then.

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  • Mike Greenway

    Back in the day they used to say ” only believe 50% of what you read.”
    I wonder what the percentage is now? What is absolute unequivocal fact today is tomorrows “oh, hang on a minute….”

  • WillyThePooh

    If there is a very obvious advantage of moving to Linux, then they don’t need to spend money for a review.

  • Cody Z

    Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re on Windows within the next year. I think it’s the right move and the smart move.