The increasingly popular Windows Store is back to what it was a few days back. Microsoft recently rolled out a brand new revamp, complete with a new design and UI of the browser based version of the Windows Store.

This redesign brought the apps repository in line with how the store looked for Windows 8.1 users. It also borrowed several cues from Microsoft’s Metro design philosophy, similar to several other websites and services from the company.

Plus perhaps the most important feature that this revamp brought was the ability to search for apps.

But if you go to the web based version of the Windows Store, you will find that the layout and design is back to what it was before — instead of a full rollout, the new look is no longer available. Users are once again provided with the old interface that was released together with Windows 8 in October last year.

It appears that the software titan was only testing it for a limited period of time, and this was just an accidental release that was swiftly reported in the media.

Sure, Microsoft may actually release the new design in a couple of weeks again, around the time it unveils the final version of the Windows 8.1 operating system.

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