There has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Microsoft will formally include Windows 8 support on the smartphone.

While right now it is looking like Microsoft is still working hard on keeping the “Windows Phone” franchise separate, it doesn’t mean that companies aren’t going to release their own Windows 8-powered devices.

In the past their have been phones that have somewhat unofficially ran XP, Vista, and even Windows 7, so it is no surprise to hear that the Chinese-based ITG xpPhone 2 has been released.

Despite its name, the device doesn’t use XP and instead favors Windows 7. According to ITG, they have full intentions to make the jump to Windows 8 support with xpPhone 2 when it arrives.

The xpPhone 2 features a 1.6GHz single-core Atom z530 processor, 2GB of RAM, 112GB of SSD storage (which is pretty impressive for a smartphone), and a 4.3-inch screen.

The exact resolution of the screen hasn’t officially been unveiled though if it is to fully support METRO in Windows 8 it needs to be at least 1024×768 pixels.

What is pretty cool for a phone is that you get a VGA support through an adapter and specifications that make ITG claim it is the ‘smallest notebook PC’ in the world. The xpPhone 2 measures just 140mmx73mmx17.5mm.

The downside to these kinds of phones are that they are often plagued by bad battery life and are much bulkier than ARM-based phones, and although we don’t have specifics on battery life it wouldn’t surprise me if this was still the case for ITG’s newest xpPhone model.

Still, with Windows 8 Beta just around the corner this could be a good ‘test’ device if the price is right. I didn’t find any mention of the exact price on the press release page, so your guess is as good as mine for now.

Still, I highly doubt that this thing would cost any LESS than $300, and more likely above that, though I could be wrong.

Again, this isn’t going to be the dream phone for everyone, but it could be the ultimate dream machine for someone looking for a truly PC-ish experience in a smartphone that you can even hook up to a big monitor, keyboard, and mouse to use for productivity.

I am not certain how well the smartphone will run Windows 8, but based on the initial specifications (Single-Core Atom with 2GB of RAM) it will at least run reasonably well if you keep to very basic functions like MS Office and web-browsing. I wouldn’t expect to use this bad-boy for Photoshop or anything more intense like that, though.

Probably one of the most interesting things about the launch for this product isn’t really the product itself though, and instead is actually the press release. I normally wouldn’t tell you that a press release is fun to read, but this one actually kind of is.

Here are just a few quotes from the clearly semi-broken English release:

“Undoubtedly, the emergence of 4.3 inch xpPhone 2 will raise the Microsoft and Intel share price, as it changes the downhill status of Wintel and the view that the iphone and Android’s Smartphone will dominate the world.”


“Steve Jobs’ depart greatly reduces the worldwide Smartphone manufacturers’ pressure. But it only lasts for a while, as the xpPhone 2 emerges, making them feel much more piercing cold. iPhone is in the camp of mobile phone, internally competing with the rival of Android system. xpPhone is like a external challenger and doesn’t comply with any rule in the mobile phone camp. What a real revolution!”

As you probably can see by the examples I gave, ITG certainly thinks a lot of itself and its new product.

Do I think that the xpPhone 2 will cause its competitors to quake in their boots and Microsoft’s stock price to skyrocket?

No way in heck but still, the xpPhone 2 could again make a great ‘play thing’ for testing out Windows 8’s feasibility as a smartphone OS.

What do you think of the new xpPhone 2, if the price was reasonable would you consider it?

Share your thoughts below.

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  • ECM2

    Is there really any practical advantage of running Win8 on a phone?  Wouldn’t it be easier and more economical to port MS Office (or a leaner version of MS Office) to WP7 or to improve on the MS Office apps that t are now available in WP7 phones?  I’m not an expert on this subject but to me it seems that forcing Win8 to run on low-powered low-resource devices is not smart — unless one is planning to use the phone to replace the desktop (I wouldn’t do this personally). WP7 is already great for what it’s meant to be and there are already 50,000 WP7 apps .  Microsoft should put its effort and resources on perfecting WP7 for low-powered, low-resource devices (ARM phones and  hopefully ARM tablets) and perfecting Win8 to run on  high-powered, high-specs hardware (X86 tablets, laptops, and desktops). 

  • ECM2

    I’m the only proud owner of a windows phone
    in  my workplace.  The launch of Nokia WP7 has managed to “stir the pot” but it certainly did not catapult WP7 to stardom.  Android phones and iphones are still way ahead in popularity, especially in the US. 
    I don’t understand how consumers can stand the idea of a “Windows 8 phone” if the average person still thinks of the “Windows Phone” as an inferior device and if the average person still thinks of “Windows” as an outdated operating system used mainly at work (a lot of people still use XP and Vista).  In a world where iPhones, iPads, and Droids set the standards, only the WIndows/Linux Geek is delighted by the crazy idea of a “Windows 8 phone”.

  • ECM2

    While the concept of running Windows 8 on all devices is indeed very exciting to Geeks (2% of human beings), Microsoft must focus on a more important issue – survival.  Rather than wait months or years to release another new product (e.g. Windows 8 phone), Microsoft should immediately bombard the market with products that already passed the test and products that already scored high on reviews (i.e. WP7 phones).  There is no room for another mistake and gambling on another untested product (e.g. Windows 8 phone) is very risky. 

  • walkergw

    @ECM2 Interesting to me, as a windows phone owner you would be resistant to a windows 8 phone.  Your remarks are plain out resistant.  If you said you dont like the full computer parading as a phone like the above example, I could respect that.  I also dont think it is a very viable idea, likely a burning brick if you ask me.  But I definitiely think Mango updated to Windows 8 would be a great possibility.  All the metro apps on both your PC and your phone just by logging on with a Windows Live id.  What could anyone have against that?  I have to wonder if you really are a windows phone owner as MS office is already ported to Windows 7.5.