New year, new month, new security bulletin from Microsoft.

The company has just published the details for this month’s Patch Tuesday, which is set for 8 January. This new update cycle comes with seven different fixes to squash bugs in twelve Microsoft applications, including Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.

Check out the Advanced Notification for January 2013 here on the official Security Bulletins section.

Two of the seven patches are labeled as “critical”, and the remaining five come flagged as “important”. Windows 8 and Window 7 are both set to get critical updates, while Windows RT is promised three important ones.

Having said that, no news yet of two of the sever issues affecting Microsoft products, and whether they are included in the upcoming Patch Tuesday updates.

One is the very critical security flaw that has taken Internet Explorer (version 8 and below) by storm, giving hackers access to computers if the users browse an affected website using IE.

Microsoft has released a small fix for the issue, but then again, a fix is a fix, not a security update. Not everyone will get over downloading it, and most were expecting a downloadable patch.

Second are various issues plaguing the Surface tablets, particularly the Wi-Fi glitch that limits the connectivity of the Windows RT slates. A fix was widely expected in last month’s Patch Tuesday, but apparently the issue is taking its time.

We will keep you updated with a summary of what is included once Patch Tuesday goes live.

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