Well, what do you know! Microsoft’s digital assistant service, Cortana, has been in the news these past few months, and here’s another electrifying new development.

Cortana uses an iPhone.

Or rather, Jen Taylor, the voice of Cortana (the US version of it, at least) is not quite the biggest fan of Windows Phone around. Unlike say, Steve Ballmer, for example. She uses an iPhone for her daily routine, which includes posting on Twitter.

As this report notes, Taylor posted a photo of Seattle on Twitter from an iPhone, which you can see above. Contrary to what most of us would expect, Microsoft have not signed a contract that binds her to stick to a Windows Phone handset forever. Which is refreshing to see.

You can see the tweet here, by the way.

Apple fans probably have a haughty smile on their faces right now, then again, several Microsoft employees have been sighted using iPhones before. Jen is not an isolated case.

But surely, a lot of them were required to use Apple devices in order to test and review new apps that Microsoft develops for the platform, or stay in the loop with everything that happens in the world of their immediate competitor.

Though one could make a case that Jen is not one of them.

Personal preference wins the day, then.

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