I saw this online and had to post it.

Great review of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 from Joanna Stern at the Wall Street Journal.

In her words..

Yes, Microsoft is confident that—with a larger, higher-resolution 12-inch HD screen, new keyboard, improved kickstand and $799 starting price—its new Surface Pro 3 tablet can replace not my iPad, but my beloved 13-inch MacBook Air.

So I tested that claim. For the last week, my laptop has lived under my bed as I’ve spent my waking life with the Pro 3. On its third attempt, Microsoft has leapt forward in bringing the tablet and laptop together—and bringing the laptop into the future.

Good use of video effects, animation and satire. Enjoy.

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  1. But you have to have touchpad problems with some laptops.

  2. Definitely a reputable source to give Microsoft a push towards a better product than Apple. A good start for Surface Pro 3.

  3. Mike Greenway / May 28, 2014 at 9:40 am /Reply

    This is full of hot AIR. The thing I really love is that people are so out of shape they cann’t hold a 1.5 pounds tablet, but hey, give that same guy/gal a big burger and there is no problem. But my favorite thing is how big ego bloggers, believe without question that there opinion is fact and that your opinion will be the same as theirs. Then their are the points that show that they aren’t really thinking clearly. “Microsoft has chosen not to include the cover” like cover included was the natural order of the universe. Not including the cover means that people can buy the color they want or no cover at all, and the stores don’t have to carry lots of cover units where the only difference is the color, How efficient is that. I didn’t like the insinuation that dreadlocks are bad looking, we don’t need any of the R stuff and what about the docking station. The cursor jumping to a new location when you touch the track pad, well now, that’s never happened before. The positive attribute about this video is that the production value is higher than a lot of sites I read, so I can see why people would link to it.

  4. Seriously, if you find the Surface or Windows 8 “difficult to use” then you shouldn’t be doing a review about it. Watch a video, spend 5 minutes learning how to use it THEN do a review. Honestly, did she seriously just say that the Surface wasn’t as good a tablet as other tablets? Despite the fact it does more than ANY other tablet out there? Please.

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